I wasn't able to help my boyfriend, would you be mad?

So my boyfriend is out of town at the moment and he was supposed to be coming home on a soecific day for certain reasons. Instead of taking a plane his father said that it would be cheaper to pick him up instead but then couldn't do it. So I told him that I would but obviously at the very last minute, my car started acting up. Now I have to get my car fixed and he has no way home. I feel so bad because he kept asking if i really was going to come and I kept sayin yes. Now I can't and he's scrambling to find a way. He said he's not mad at me but I keep texting and checking on him but he's not responding. At first I was willing to take the risk of just trying to go get him but if something happens halfway there, I'm screwed.
Am I wrong for not risking it? I feel like I gave up so easily. I feel so bad.


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  • If your car isn't reliable and you break down on the way there then there will be more problems so unless you had money to rent a car there isn't much more you could do

    • So I just found out his EX his going to pick him up. And I know she still has feeling for him. Should I be worried?

    • Well depends if you trust him well or not, but there must be some reason she is his ex, I wouldn't feel comfortable with it though but you'll just have to trust him

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