How can I calm my boyfriend down?

My boyfriend is sad because he lost his wife and child a few years ago. His wife died while having their baby. He said he's not feeling well is stomach is hurting. We came home from dinner tonight he heard the country song I'm Already There when they play that song they let families call into they're military members on the radio one little kid called in and said " daddy " when he heard that he cried his eyes out. His kid never got to call him daddy. He can't listen to that song without crying. He can't get to sleep. He said he never wants anymore kids. Usually when he's upset I hold him or cuddle with him but I don't feel like doing it. Since we're already in bed. How can I comfort him?


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  • If I were you, I'd do it anyway. If he's gone through something like that? I'd be available to comfort him absolutely anytime, whenever, no questions asked. Just put an arm around him, and lie there in silence, together.

    Time will heal this wound, to some degree. Maybe not all the way, but it will.

  • put a movie on.


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