Guys, what do you think of me?

I feel like I might scare people away what do you think?

I am a quirky person to say the least. I have a raunchy sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I used to be a cheerleader but am thinking about getting back into it next year. I'm really into acting and directing movies and plays and have been doing so for ten years. I'm also really interested in debate and law and if I can't become an actress I want to be a lawyer. I am a very musical person and love many different genres of music ranging from 2000's rap to 70's pop songs. I am in love with way too many shows to even count and absolutely love horror movies the scarier the better. I absolutely love to watch guys play video games I'm not very good at playing video games but I love snuggling up on a couch and watching my man play a video game.


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  • What would you say, if I said you are a butt nugget? Mind you, I'm not in any way saying you are one, this is merely a hypothetical inquiry.

    • Lol a butt nugget?

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    • I am so confused

    • I have that effect on people! ; - )