Any suggestions for changing my easygoing nature with "The Attitude" one?

So I have noticed that people easily get along with me and thats a good thing but in the longer run they just take me for granted. How to change my attitude and bring a little arrogance in it. :/


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  • You probably don't like confrontation and go with the flow too often. It isn't about arrogance, it is about being your own person with preferences and opinions. Being laid back you probably don't sweat the small stuff, but you have to say no every once in a while.
    People may also take you for granted if you are always there, available at their beck and call. Go off on your own and have your own adventures. Explore and develop preferences. This will also make you more interesting, develop your character and so you will be bringing more value to your interactions with people. Hope this helps.


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  • Don't think of it as arrogance so much as kind of balancing things out, treating people as equals, not going out of your way to give and give and give. Take here and there. You have your own self-interests to pursue. Sometimes if you're really skewed, maybe it helps to balance it out to kind of feel like you're being self-centered to balance the scale, but you probably don't actually want to come off as that. Mostly think of it as independence.