Will there be a Samsung galaxy s7 ?

Will there be a Samsung galaxy s7 ?

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  • Dammit to hell and I just got my Galaxy S6 last week... Of course there will always be an upgrade almost every year, but I got a good deal with the S6, so I didn't wait a month for this new phone to come out. I mean, imagine paying $39 CAD a month on a smart plan, which is like not having any contract whatsoever for an S6 and not to mention keeping all the perks in my old plan; that's definitely a deal and all you have to pay is for the phone value itself of about $175-200 CAD? For me that was a good deal I guess.


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  • It says Feb 21st it's coming out, no?


    • Well, unveiled on the 21st. Release day for Europe and US is probably March.

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