Minorities, do you think that white people are hard to coexist with?

Considering history, it seems like more than half of each ethnic group of Native Americans, Mexicans and other Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, African Americans, and biracial individuals may feel this way. From a social viewpoint as far as it relates to race relations, do you think that white people are hard to coexist with? If so, why?

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  • Only when they get uppity and don't believe the country we lives in greatly favors them.


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  • Eh not really. I find it hard to coexist from the 1 percent. They have everything they could ever want.


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  • ignorance is the real thing that makes things difficult, including this "minorities coexisting with white people".

    • Preach this! 🙏

    • If you are implying that I am ignorant instead of dissecting the issue then it's probably so you don't actually have to feel uncomfortable. I am not going to be quite about legitimate social issues that impact minorities because some white people such as yourself would rather immediately dismiss someone as ignorant instead of pausing with the self-centered focus and seeing precisely why other people are saying what they have to say.

    • nah i wasn't implying

  • One's ethnicity is irrelevant. It's the content of ones character, their knowledge and the manifestation of their actions that are the key factors, especially when addressing conflict and disputes.

    I would be classed as a minority and if I didn't get along with a white person, it wouldn't be because they were white.

    • You are lying to yourself if you truly believe "one's ethnicity is irrelevant". Perhaps in your world it is. Perhaps in the world you would like to live in, it is. But in actual reality, ethnicity is not irrelevant to Native Americans who have the highest suicide rate in America, Mexicans and Hispanics who are constantly being made fun of with "cross the border jokes", African Americans who are disproportionally shot and killed while they're unarmed then vilified while white America often finds them guilty until proven innocent, and Asians who often struggle with a ton of issues that all revolve around race and ethnicity due to the Eurocentric standard of beauty. One who truly thinks "one's ethnicity is irrelevant" has a flimsy, unrealistic, basic understanding of ethnicity and how it impacts people who live in today's world.

    • Your idea sounds lovely but the reality is that's not the reality we live in. These racial issues need to be addressed and stop being ignored so that we can actually live in a world like that.

    • You've obviously misunderstood my point. I suppose that's my fault for not being clear.

      One's race is irrelevant when addressing behavior. If someone is racist its not because if their race, its because of their "ignorance". Racism is a manifestation of their ignorance.
      In the context of behavior, it is irrelevant.

      I didn't say race is irrelevant when it comes to discrimination.

      Racism, discrimination and oppression are very serious problems. And it's unfortunate that they still exist.

  • I think in my view they are very hard to coexist , also in my view they are less friendly than other races , I have talked to Asian people of all types they are friendly , also Africans or black people are very friendly, . I'm a multi mixed race

  • Looking around the world, i'd say white people are probably the easiest to coexist with, though that may not be an overly impressive statement.

    • That's a hilariously unknowledgeable point of view.

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