Is it possible to gain muscle remaining at the same weight?

Is it possible to gain muscle remaining at the same weight? Can you gain as much muscle as you lose fat and remain at the same weight?


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  • Depends, you got any fat left to burn? If so, yes. You will probably lose weight initially whilst gaining muscle if you're out of shape. After a while it evens out and then it turns into far more muscle than lost fat.
    Basically we can't talk about your case without knowing some details.

    Having some fat does guarantee faster muscle gain though.

    On the off-chance you're looking to maximize your physical strength to come out on top in an MMA weight-class or alike, that's usually down to staying incredibly fit, not doing any stupid weight training (those are inefficient clumsy muscles that you do NOT want, they suck. Period.) and pulling every trick in the book like, hitting the sauna for those last 2-3kg of water at weigh in. Always hated the sauna part myself.

    • A photo of my body would do?

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    • with doing cardio, it seems that I can't get rid of my belly unless I am too thin.

    • Basically if you do not lift heavy weights you will not gain any noticeable weight either.
      If you stick to small weights what will happen is that your body will get long-toned muscles and essentially maintain your current body outside of that.

      There are plenty of good exercises for your stomach area (crunches being one) and again, walking/running are the ideal fat burners in general although it won't specifically target your belly.
      As for crunches, if you are unfamiliar with them please do have someone show you the basics of it or at least youtube it. Doing it wrong and to excess can be painful for your back. Also make sure you do general body training at the same time.
      Having abnormally strong muscles from sit-ups etc WILL make your back hurt if you do not exercise the rest of your body. Do not be afraid of this, but try to give all of your body a workout from time to time and skip the hassle.

      Baby steps here mate, an hour four days a week is 10x better than four hours once a week.

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  • If you're a beginner (i. e. first year working out) it's much easy to change the composition of your body. 200lbs at 20% body fat can be turned into 200lbs at 10% body fat. Remaining exactly the same weight is unlikely and you'll lose fat quicker than you gain muscle.

    There's the idea of beginner's gains whereby a beginner can gain 15lbs - 20lbs of muscle in their first year, while losing fat. It gets more difficult past the first year.

    Looking at the photo you've posted below, you could easily have visible abs and well-defined muscles in 3-6 months - maybe less.

    BodyBuilding. com and are great resources to get you started.

    • What do you think my body fat is? Is it 20% ?

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    • Because you've not got much fat on you to start with, with a decent program and good nutrition, by the summer you could go from average joe to fairly ripped. Bodybuilding. com have some great programs to follow. If you're looking for a big transformation to Kris Gethin's 12 Week Trainer (https://www. bodybuilding. com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer. html) - it's hard work and you have to eat the right stuff, but you could trim what fat you have and pack on maybe 7 - 10lbs of muscle.

    • *try Kris Gethin's 12 Week Trainer program

  • it´s possible if you have a extremely strict diet and workout routine. but it´s much easyer to first put on some fat and turn it into muscles. that´s how a lot of body builders do it.

  • Noob gains, if you just begginer you can even loose weight and gain muscles but if not then nah lol that's not possible unless cycling hard

  • Theoretically, sure. It would take a good strategy when it comes to diet, and calorie counting.