My ex is always looking at my snapchat?

I left him but I didn't want to, really. It's complicated blah blah.. He jumped straight into a new relationship so I decided to delete him from snapchat because we were constantly looking at each other's stories. I was certain that he deleted me too since he has girlfriend by now but then I noticed that he always looks at mystory, always. I deleted him a little more than a month ago. Why has he even kept me there? I'm sorry but it doesn't make any sense to me. I deleted him so I could focus on myself and move on.


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  • i see you have clearly moved on :)

    how do you know he is looking at your snapchat?

    • Because you just press the button to see who has viewed your story.

    • ah, i didn't know that, as i dont use snapchat. its always stuck me as a fairly juvenile app, as i only ever see the really young apprentices at work using it. so yeah, i have no idea how it works other then pictures aren't meant to last long, unless you get an app that saves those pictures...

      but yeah if he is checking all the time, then obviously he still has issues he is sorting out. maybe he is missing you?
      maybe he is just wondering how you are doing?
      maybe he is hunting for traces of misery (eg you are missing him).

      eitherway, with social media the way it is these days, its really common to keep stalking an ex for a while, but yeah, eventually he will realise its not healthy and stop.

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