Woah, Does she not know?

This guy i know my grade cheated on his girlfriend and he told a bunch of people. He's not even hiding it. She's pretty popular at school. Anyway Some of her friends heard him talking about how he cheated with this other girl but I don't know if they told her. It's been like 4 weeks since he's said anything about it but she's still with him. We have like 400 kids in our grade.

  • She probably knows but likes him too much to break up with him
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  • She probably knows but Is in denial
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  • She probably doesn't know because no one told her
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  • She's probably heard it and just thinks it's a roomer and/or is in denial

    • Her boyfriend was the one that started it

    • Yes, she's probably in denial about him starting it or just doesn't know he did

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