How do I comfort her?

Basically this girl, im crazy about, and I have been talking and we both like each other. But she lost her sister in a car wreck a couple years back and she still misses her sister and sometimes she bottles stuff up and sometimes she just breaks and misses her sister a lot and wishes she could've done more and wishes she was back, and feels like she lost the only person that was actually there for her. I know all of this is perfectly normal that she misses her sister, but she's scared to get into a relationship because her parents are not doing too well ever since her sister died. And she feels like she's losing her dad which is the last person she can connect to with her sister dying. And she doesn't want a relationship turning out into how her parents are rn. But I don't even know how to comfort her or make he feel better. I've never been through it before so I have no clue what feelings she feeling. I just want to be there for her and at least make her feel some what better and try to get her mind off of it. Do y'all have any tips or anything so I could comfort her/make her feel better? I really care about her and I want to make her happy but if I can't even help her feel better about stuff how am I going to make her happy? I've talked to her a couple times but I just blabber and have no clue what to say and sometimes just repeat stuff becasue i have no clue on how to make her feel any better. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Just comfort her