If you knew a guy was interested in you but you didn't quite feel the same way, is it wrong to hang out with him still?

he's a family friend and lately he's been dropping serious hints about liking me. I used to have feelings for him but I don't anymore so it makes me feel a little unsure of how to go about my friendship with him. He's a cool guy and I enjoy talking to him once in a while but I don't really feel anything more towards him and definitely don't want to lead him on. Should I stop spending time with him?


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  • It's probably best to stay away from him until he gets the hint. Even if he still doesn't, just say stuff like, "I don't want a relationship right now." Or, "I'm so busy, I can't imagine being in a relationship right now." And try not to be "flirty" in any way shape or form. (I know, sometimes us girls are just being nice, and the guys over look it) Just try to not be touchy-feely, and treat him like one of your girl friends. Tell him almost everything you would with your girl friends, be weird and funny with him like you are with your girl friends, and eventually he should get the hint. (Hopefully) lol :)