After reading this paragraph, would you want to read the book? What do you think is going on?

I’m not like everyone else. I am different. Not in a good way either. People tend to avoid me, they think I’m crazy, but little do they know I’m not crazy, I’m just me. “Me” might be a little distorted from time to time, but I am certainly not bizarre, despite what others may think. What I see is the same as everyone, and what I think is the exact same. Although I must say my thoughts are way more far fetched than most people, but that’s what makes me better than everyone else. I’ve been in the hospital for about a week now, maybe a month? I can’t seem to remember after my accident. I’ve only had a few visitors in the hospital, who happen to be my closest friends and enemies, Molly, Red, and Elvie. Molly can be sweet, but she has a very rebellious side, which has gotten me into this accident to begin with. Red, he’s shy and very reserved. He is also very convincing, and I believe everything he says even if it’s completely false. And finally, Elvie. We have grown up together. She’s been there as long as I could remember. Through my ups and downs, she’s stuck with me, figuratively and literally. It is impossible to get rid of her, along with all my friends, because I hold them very close. My friends are the reason my family is messed up. My dad left us because he thought they were dragging me down the wrong path, and my mom cries a lot because she thinks I’ll turn into a bad person. I guess I could say my life has been nothing but ice cream. Not any type of ice cream, but rocky road to be exact. I know I am the cause of all my family’s problems, but there is nothing I can do. “Leave your friends” they tell me, but it’s not that easy. It’s not easy to let something go that has been apart of your life for so long. My mother hasn’t even visited me in the hospital, and I don’t know what’s worse, the emotional pain or the physical pain from the accident. Either way, I know I’m a huge fuck up, and no matter what, I cannot stitch my insane family back together. I barely remember anything that has happened in the past, and I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember. But everytime I close my eyes and think very deeply, parts of the past come flashing into my mind. Little parts of my life unfolding, but coming together at the same time. So as I sit here, I close my eyes once again, and let the memories lay out before me.


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  • Not my kind of book.

    • Thanks for your opinion! What kind of books do you normally read?

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    • Have you done research on schizophrenia and on philosophies involving what is real and what is not? If not I would highly suggest it, the more well versed you are in the subject the better the book and plot will be.

    • I was going to do lots of research and add it into the story, and maybe read a few biographies/autobiographies on people who have schizophrenia

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  • No doubt, this is a hard no bro. by the way people who think they're different in a book usually turn out to be giant dickwads.


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