Would a girl who wears a dress (mid thigh) in University be considered 'one of those girls?

I didn't think it was inappropriate, I wore it with opaqueish stockings and heels. But it rode up a little bit and this girl was giving me this look where it had rode up a bit.

I wonder if the guys were checking me out or sniggering in fact over my dress.

I don't know. I'm used to being checked out. I'm also used to not feeling uncomfortable when I wear stuff like that even though I'm super conservative, because I rarely wear stuff like that AND because the stockings don't make me feel as though my leg is bare.


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  • those girls?

    • Attention-seekers

    • Okey I am going to say something here that may upset some of you girls so please do not take it personal, it is just my opinion.

      I think it all depends on your overall style, meaning, how pretty, classy etc you are. There are girls that are naturally pretty and more on the THIN side , so seeing them in a more "sexy" dress, skirt or something will look nice and NOT tacky, nor attention seekers, since they do not have the super massive curves to look trashy and get attention.

      However if the same dress is put in another type of girl, bigger, more curves, etc, it will look like attention seeker in my opinion, tacky (even if it is hot) and sort of dirty.

      I actually like what you mentioned about the stocking covering your legs so they are not bare. In my opinion, that says classy, even if you looked sexy, you can keep classy. Always. So NO ATTENTION SEEKER in my opinion, you were not showing bare leg. And you are young so you can embrace your body.

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  • I wish I could pull that off haha! i am too crazy! i might flash people! Thats why I got be extra careful when I wear my one mini skirt lol!

    • It rode up when I was standing so it didn't really show anything, just more skin with stockings lol. But I know how guys can be, so I am curious if they were checking me out or thinking I'm showing skin on purpose.

      Guys exhaust me sometimes. THey can be so charming and also so judgmental

    • eh... wear whatever you want. My teacher was staring at my clevage one time lol! I think it cuz when I lean down you can see everything. haha I don't wear those tops anymore. lol

  • I wear dresses to class like once a week. It's not inappropriate in my opinion. She was probably looking at you like that because you took the time to look nice. That's not very common on college campuses

    • She was looking at me like I was crazy, especially where it had rode up. Like I didn't have the common sense to pull it down or something.

    • That's kind of weird then. If you feel confident in it, screw their opinions

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