Questions about checking people out?

This applies to both guys and girls!

1. How often do you check people out?

2. What makes a random stranger grab your attention, visually?

3. Do you constantly look back at the person again and again if you find that person attractive?

4. What do you do if that person catches you looking at them? Look away? Smile?

5. Do you talk to your friends about a guy/girl you are checking out?


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  • 1. All the time
    2. Dunno, a certain air of attractiveness. The way they carry themselves in combination with beauty I think.
    3. Only if Im really interested which happens less often
    4. Depends on my mood wether I look away (tired/moody/somewhere else with my mind), make eye contact (happy/neutral) or smile (especially daring today).
    5. No but I do talk with them about the people I kiss (only when they are hot because otherwise it's too many lol), sleep with and way too much about the one guy I like from a distance.


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  • 1. Hardly ever. I'm in a relationship so that changes things for me. When I was single I'd probably check a few guys out every other day or so. Depends on my mood :)

    2. Usually their friendliness or body language. If they look happy then I'm likely to feel inclined to look and pay attention.

    3. Constantly? No probably not. I might glance a few times and smiles but I won't go overboard.

    4. Smile

    5. Unless something came of it then no.

  • 1. Rarely

    2. I find their bags or shoes cute

    3. No

    4. Pretend I wasn't looking

    5. Sometimes


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