Who is your favourite Batman villain?

Ah Batman... what a great guy... but his villains were all pretty cool too so which one did you always silently root for?

The Joker
Who is your favourite Batman villain?The Riddler

The Penguin

Poison Ivy
Mr Freeze

  • The Joker
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  • The Riddler
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  • The Penguin
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  • Catwoman
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  • Poison Ivy
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  • Mr Freeze
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  • Other (add with picture)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Who is Batman without The Joker honestly ☺The Joker because he is the major antagonist in almost all of Batman's stories. I wouldn't consider Catwoman a foe... She is more of twisted love interest. Ivy is seductive but a weak villian to me kinda. The other's I don't like except the penguin, but still the joker will always be the star!

    • I would have to agree that the Joker is the default arch nemesis. Penguin is probably number 2. Catwoman has been portrayed over the years as both a villain and an ally that is correct. However, like a cat she usually only ever becomes friendly for entirely selfish reasons.

    • Actually I'd like to see Batman vs himself (evil batman) that'd be dope af!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ I agree The penguin is a good second only because I liked Danny DeVito's version best.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Definitely the Riddler!

  • Batman's rogues gallery has some of my favorite villains. Joker is up there, but I like Catwoman, too.

    • Whats rogues gallery?

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    • Oh, I see. You were getting all intellectual jargon wanky on me.

    • I so sorry. :c But you get me!

What Guys Said 2

  • How come Bane is not on this list? What about Scarecrow?

    Well since neither of those 2 are on this list then I'd have to go with The Joker, but specifically the Nolan version in The Dark Knight portrayed by Heath Ledger.

    He's a unique kind of villain that is bad for the sake of being bad, or aligned "Chaotic" Evil, and he does his worst and have fun while he's at it all to make Batman miserable.

    I find his uniqueness in terms of his motives for being a villain that makes him more memorable and stand out more than the rest of the other villains.

    • There is an option for other.
      I thought the Jack Nicholson Joker was the best one.
      But the point isn't to go by certain actors portrayals and rather just pick the character alone. Thats why the the pictures aren't all the most well known portrayals

    • The reason Bane or scarecrow are not on the list is because there are only 7 options and they are pretty far down the list of most recognized batman villains.

  • Is it mere coincidence that The Penguin resembles the stereotypical Jew?

    • Couldn't say. However, now that you mention it...