Is it possible?

well i fell in love for a girl... and i know her from 2-3 months... more i know her more i love her...
the problem is we met on a mmorpg (game ) tho i know her in real life now got her number but we live far apart she's from netherland i am from india... and this is one sided love tho I've told her that i love her... she got no boyfriend at present... do u think something like this is even possible?

by something like this i mean she loving me too?


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  • Indian men tend to be the clingiest. No offense. I met one guy on here who only spoke to me a couple of days and asked for my freaken city so he can find housing near me. Wtf!!!

    And it's one sided. Don't push it. Confess to her and if she doesn't like then screw it and move on.