How to overcome shyness?

its easier said than done so dont make it sound easy when its not for an introvert.


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  • I'm an introvert myself

    And my mindset is...'what am I even worried about, they're just people'
    You can also try talk to people you see on the streets, like the man you buy your fruit from, the woman you buy your bread from, etc


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  • Um.

    The more you compare yourself to others, the more you will feel that you are not able to measure up and the more intimidated you will feel, which will make you shyer. There is no use to compare yourself to anybody else but if you do, do it realistically. Everyone else is overwrought with self-assurance problems, too.

    Seriously. If you have some super confident and extroverted friends or family members, ask them about this topic.

    They'll probably say something, "Oh, yeah, I totally make it a conscious thing to put myself out there." or "I used to be terrible. I really had to work at it." You're just on a different phase of the process than they are.

    Wish you best of luck.



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  • I was an introverted shy guy, and then turned into an outgoing party animal and a really social person post-university, though I've kinda sunken back to my introverted ways since marriage (simply don't party so much).

    The way I got over it, to be honest, is rather bad. It happened by going to drinking establishments: bars, night clubs, things of this sort. The drinking turned me into a different character, like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. I suddenly became kind of fearless, walking up to people, talking, dancing on stages in front of hundreds of people, etc.

    Then I made friends through those kinds of establishments with people who thought I was really amusing. Then they invited me to social events like parties, picnics, weddings, etc. So I went to those, met more people, made more friends, and that continued. Initially I kept having to reach for drinks to feel comfortable at these kinds of rowdy places before I could join in the fun and group conversations and so forth, but later I got to a point where I no longer needed the liquid courage to do it.

    I think one of the things that helped me to do this sober was just because I embarrassed myself so many times that I no longer felt embarrassed about anything. It's like, I've gone streaking naked in front of thousands of people, what's worse than that? Introducing myself to a person at a party seems like nothing in comparison.

    Before I was so bad that I was embarrassed just because someone said "hi" to me and I didn't notice and gave a delayed reply. I used to even be afraid to answer the door, the phone. Now these things don't seem like a big deal in comparison, though the slight shy obstacle is always there that I have to cross over, but I've crossed it so many times now, it doesn't seem like a massive roadblock, but just a little thing I need to hop over.

  • exposure therapy

    expose yourself to people and the public

    initiate introductions and conversations

    it gets easier after every attempt, the hardest part, is trying to start.


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  • I'm also an introvert.

    The thing that has helped me the most has been working in retail, to be honest. It becomes your job to overcome shyness otherwise your employer will start to reconsider hiring you.