Why is she with that guy?

i know this girl who is a snob. She's sort of pretty, so while I can see that about her, I also notice that other boys don't really fall over themselves for her either.

I don't like her in the same way she doesn't like me. Not that I'm not confident about my looks, but I don't like the competition either.

I do find it really interesting though that she is with a guy who is far from what snobby people usually date. Someone told me she oculdn't find anyone else who was interested in her, which I'm not sure i believe.


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  • A better question is why do you even care? It's none of your business really.

    • Well I don't know if the guy likes me, but I do know he is attracted to me. I'm not really sure why the girl and him are together. If there's a real relationship there then I don't like him enough to break that up, but if it's just two people searching for company, then hey why not

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    • Not really.

      It's not like I went up to him and manipulated him into making the girl think she's ugly.

      It's his choice isn't it, who he would want to be with?

    • Well in that case, yeah. But it's fine only and only if he first makes it clear to the other girl that it's over between them. Only then is it fine for you two to try something out.

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  • She likes him that's why.

    • Yeah I agree. But the reasoning behind that may be that she didn't find someone else, come to think of it.

      I care because for some odd reason that is completely unknown to me, I kind of like that guy too. It makes no sense at all. But like any of these things ever make sense.

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    • Clearly you're not Canadian I was out in a t-shirt and flip flops and there is snow on the ground

    • Being attracted to someone that doesn't make sense doesn't mean there is anything is wrong with you.

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