Can guys tell when a girl is miserable and stops caring about her life?

I've always felt like a lot of guys have not been attracted to me when I've gone through down phases of insecurity, become a bad student, (which I'm far from in real life), stop caring about myself in general.

And when I've gotten myself back together and on my feet, these same guys seem to like me.

It's not fair in a lot of ways. Sometimes when you actually ARE miserable, you get tired of the facade and just want to show what you're feeling. But if there's anything I've learned, NEVER show what you're feeling because that's when people can use it against you


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  • I'm not going to use anything against you, I'll just try to give you my input (take it or leave it). You may not do this consciously, but perhaps the attitude that you give off when you are feeling down is giving them a bad vibe. When someone is depressed, or feeling blue it usually sends the people around you a message. Some will take it as "Oh, they need some alone time." while others will take it as "Oh, they might need some encouragement." To answer your original question, we all notice it (but we'll react to it differently)

    Now the last sentence has me confused a little, because it looks like you're trying to show how you feel through this question. Express it, don't hide it. Talk to someone, because keeping your feelings in you and building them up only makes things a little harder! And if you refuse to talk to anyone, write down how you feel. :)


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