Facebook search bar.. found the person I didn't want to see there come up, why is that?

Alright lads well basically, I met this guy on tinder had sex with him a few months after getting to know him obviously.. Well I never found out his last name, I went on to delete my tinder as I felt that he only wanted one thing.. didn't even bother turning up for a date when he planned it. So I moved on and it's been a year since I last saw him. He's in the army. I logged on Facebook then I searched for my cousin then somehow when I typed a single letter he was there, like wtf I never searched him or even bothered to look him up but that was strange. I deactivated my account and made it private logged in again and he was there. Typed the single letter of his last name which I know now and he pops up at the top.

I just want to know how do I make him disappear on my search bar as I don't want to be reminded of him whatsoever. I mean telling someone to go on a date then not showing up is the last straw..


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  • most likely you signed in to several apps (like this one or tinder) with a Facebook account. Facebook saves data from multiple apps to show you things from each app. like a guy on tinder? he'll appear in your Facebook feed. I'd suggest using a fake account for dating apps.


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