How to be brave when guys approach me?

So when I see cute guy I freeze when they approach me.. I'm almost 25 and still shy... for example yesterday two boy were on my campus.. on came up to me asked if I had a boyfriend.. I lied and said yeah.. and he said if I could have friends and I said no... He was attractive, but I get so nervous and shy an unworthy are that i'm going to be judged, so I just brush it off. But if I do this all the time I could be passing up getting to know really good guys...


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  • you lied and said yes?

    bahahaa damn girl. you should chill.

    d00d they are literally just another human being, just like the rest of it. don't make an attractive person out more than what they are, human.

  • Judged for what? What's wrong with telling him you don't have a boyfriend if he's cute?

    Just out of curiosity are you the kind of girl who blushes if a guy comes up and puts his arm around you or do you squirm away?

  • You should just think calmly and think of what you want to say because it will likely work out for you


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