Anyone have any experience with taking benzo's daily for anxiety?

Not sure if this post is allowed, but I have a prescription of Valium and my doctor says I can take it everyday and that's actually what it says on my bottle. To take it twice a day. I have really bad anxiety, and that's why I'm prescribed it, but most of my anxiety is health related and the side effects and withdrawal symptoms scare me away from taking it daily. I do take it whenever I have panic attacks and stuff, but I try not to take it if I don't have too. I'm just really paranoid that the worst will happen if I take it every day, even tho it might actually help me. I don't know, it just really bothers me because of how severe some reactions can be to it when people come off of it. And I'm not really sure if I want to be dependent on something.

But I was just wondering if any of you are prescribed it, and take it daily. And if any of you do, does it help your anxiety? And do you ever withdrawal from missing a dose or any other bad symptoms, or has it helped you?

Please delete this if this is an unacceptable question, I'm just curious.


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  • You're better off only taking it when you have to, in my opinion. I'm not as familiar with Valium, but I take Xanax as needed for panic attacks. I try to take it as little as possible, because I googled a lot of the stories of withdrawal and they sounded truly awful - you can get really bad rebound panic when it wears off.

    Talk to your doctor, though. He/She would know better than I do.

    I do exercise, limit caffeine and sugar and do meditation. I also take the lowest dose of Lexapro, but at your age antidepressants are a toss up. I also did some sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which was helpful.

    This book was really great about learning more:

    So sorry you're dealing with panic attacks!

    • I need caffeine to be able to work lol, I wouldn't be able to wake up without coffee haha. But yeah I know, if read those stories too and they freak me out. I've done the therapy, and I did really like it and thought it helped, but it only does so much and I don't want to go to therapy every week. As far as Lexapro, I've tried it. It was the only anti-depressant that I tried and it was literally the worst. It made me panic very very badly, worse than not taking it. It was just awful and kinda scares me from trying others.

      And thanks for your opinion! Also, I'm sorry that you experience them aswell. They suck.

    • I understand what you mean. It's super tough! I hope you find the right combo for you. I do some of this cool eastern exercise called qi gong, too - so that's something else I can recommend that I just thought of.

    • Well thank you very much lol, I'll look into it. I'm glad that it works for you too

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