Do you ever have non sexual fantasies (just kissing)?

Like just about kissing.

For example, when I was younger and into bad boys I had this idea where I would want a bully to be beating me up or insulting me and then I suddenly just push him to the wall and kiss him and see how he reacts like shock factor because who kisses their bully right?

One of my more recent ones was about suddenly getting all flirty with my best guy friend and kissing him on the lips. Again this was a shock factor thing because how would he react? Would he be shocked? Would he be like "OMG, you LIKE me?" Or "Whoa! I'm your FRIEND!"

I don't know why I find these ideas exciting, I just do.

I'm going out with my best guy friend now although what I write is not how we found out we liked each other. I do still sometimes imagine in my head before I go to bed that we are just friends though and that I start getting all flirty with him and he acts confused and then I kiss him and he's all shocked and stuff.

Don't know why I enjoy imagining stuff like that but I just do, anyone else have anything similiar or am I just being weird?


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  • Sure I figure most people do at one point or another.


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  • No not really my imagination is too sexy for the pg, pg 13 ratings. Sometimes it's way too sexy for R.