Ideas on what to get my boyfriend for Valentine's day?

We've been going out for just under 6 months, and I've never had a boyfriend to celebrate Valentine's Day with. This sounds dumb but I'm not even sure how this holiday works lol like what do I get gift-wise? We're both college students so we aren't loaded with money.


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  • If you're a good cook, me and just about any guy I know kill for a scenario like this: You make a nice dinner (remember it doesn't have to be a great feast. The main point is to have food) and follow it up with either a movie or Netflix and cuddling. The cost is little to none, and it can be a really great way to keep the relationship healthy


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  • Do you know anyone who's into photography? If you do, you could grab a few lingerie pieces & take budoir pictures, & get them printed for 33 cents apiece at Walgreens. Stick them in a Valentine's Day card for him.


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  • Have you slept with him?
    If not then this is an amazing gift to give him, it's free and intensely pleasurable


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  • Just something cute and useful that reminds you of him when you see it. Maybe something based off his interests.
    Or food
    Or a bj