Really badly homesick!!! Help?

So I'm moving to my dads just until my mum can sell her place and move somewhere to, but as soon as my mum left about an hour ago I went to my room and just burst out crying and I can't stop. I was also trying not to cry when she was leaving. I feel really unhappy and I feel like I'm going to continue crying all night. What do I do? Also I'm trying to avoid my dad a bit because we don't get along to well, He just annoys the heck out of me.
One thing I don't understand is that I lived with my dad lasy year for about 4 months (things didn't work out between us) but I wasn't that homesick then and now I'm barely stoping myself from crying... actually I'm not stoping myself from crying.


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  • Aw go to sleep and it will make sense later. Thats what I do when I am upset or if I hate sleep read a book.

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