Do you ever stare at a Person but regret it because they think you like them when really you were day dreaming?

This happens a lot for me. It's annoying how all I have to do is stare at a girl a moment longer them normal and then you get that stare back that says they 'know' you like them. Then the awkward staring games begin. This happens everywhere and anywhere for me. The other day I was doing a presentation and this girl was staring at me which is expected because I was speaking but then when I looked at her she seemed to think I was attracted or something. Although she was semi pretty its kinda annoying. by the way I people watch because I'm bored on the train or where ever I am. Does this happen to anyone else?


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  • LOL fack yah. I remember I stared at this chick who I dont know then daydreamed, then she looked back and the friend who I was sitting next to told her I liked her and it turns out that theyre cousins.. . So awkwaddd.

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