Have you ever thrown/stole/stuffed something into someone's drink/food if he/she left it on a bench and he/she wasn't around?

Also why some people leave it there and not take it in? Man some people are really stupid... ain't they? hahahaha...

Someone might even stuff drugs on their food/drink when they are not around... how could those jerks leave it there? Haha... I've done it sometimes though... I use to kick soda cans and coffee cups if they are on da sidewalk/street and sometimes they happen to have drink inside... hahahah I'd love to see how they'd feel when they find out their soda/coffee's gone... and learn to be less stupid... :|

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  • That's cool but did you even get arrested?

    • For just one can of soda? Hell no... after all those who let it there should be responsible for wotever happens...

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    • It's not illegal already...

    • But are you sure though? Just because you haven't been arrested doesn't make it legal.

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  • I would never do that. Don't wanna risk the possibility that someone might see me do it, or whoever owns the food or drink might automatically know that I did it, etc. Don't wanna land myself into trouble. Not worth it.

  • no this is not something I would have an interest in doing

    • But why? Are you not thug life? If so give me valid reasons why you wouldn't because I don't understand.