Have you ever thought about the possibility of cooks working at restaurants could stuff drugs into your food since you can't see what they do?

I've always thought about it... how super easy it is... if a restaurant isn't self-service then they could easily stuff drugs into meals since clients aren't allowed to go into da kitchen to see cooks preparing their food... right? Isn't it suspicious?

There are no witnesses there except only people who work there... so they could easily cover each other if anything happens... u can say they'd work like a gang more or less... hahaha///

If it's self-service u can take a look to see wot they are doing... but if it isn't... it'd be super easy for 'em to do wotever they want... so I believe there's a high chance most people who eat often at restaurants might've been drugged at least once... hahahaha guess I know something and I almost never eat at restaurants...

Another fact's... many people say restaurant food tastes better... right? So how could it taste better if not some kind of drugs are included to make people believe it tastes better? Think about it...

So ma advice'd be... next time u go ask waiter/waitress to take a bite of yer food FIRST... if he/she refuses to do... then u should start getting suspicious... ;)

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  • Cool, free drugs! If it tastes better I'm fine with it. They can't put anything too dangerous in it, health and safety wouldn't let them. Most packaged foods like crips have drugs to make them taste nicer and to make you want more anyway, but nobody cares about that. And many foods like burgers or bacon are so bad for you anyway they can't really make them much worse


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  • Do you have any idea what they charge for a pork chop stuffed with morphine?

  • Are you mentally ill?

    • Why? Because I think a little bit deeper?

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    • I assume u are just jealous... u wouldn't even think about such scenario... eat ma dust bro...

    • Assume all you want you fucking looney! Enjoy your madness! Bye!