OH THE HORROR! Am I a self-hating white guy! ?

It has been brought to my attention the past couple of days in a row on here that I suffer from the disease called white guilt and self-hate.

OH THE HORROR! Am I a self-hating white guy! ?
Is this why I've been feeling so sick lately? :O


  • Yes you're crippled with white guilt you self-hating, white privilege believing, white genocide supporting liberal socialist poopie head!
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  • Nah you're awesome! Diversity and appreciation of different cultures FTW! The only path into the future is together!
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  • I've thought that about you for a couple of years actually.
    I never felt the need to mention it, but since you're acting like this by asking a question about it...

    • I appreciate the honestly, long time user.

    • "I've heard stuff like that because I've been open about dating women of any ethnic background" lol Yeah, no.

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