Need to deactivate Twitter accounts, and Twitter won't let me. What do I do? Would it be unrealistic to file a lawsuit?

I have 2 twitter accounts, both that were made years ago when I was like 15.
Take note that they have some embarassing and indecent content & they are NOT set to private. This is NOT good for my future with jobs. I didn't realize until a week ago that either of those accounts were still activated. Those tweets & everything on there WERE a portrayal of who I was then, but they do not depict who I am now or who I have been the past few years. :( It's so embarassing and threatening. Given this situation, I have sure learned my lesson about keeping things appropriate online, but please keep reading. I NEED to deactivate those accounts. I forgot the password to both of the twitter accounts & I have no chance at recovering those passwords because I ALSO forgot the password of the email associated with those twitter accounts. My email is through MSN. So I've been in contact with the Microsoft customer support center for 3 days now. I knew beforehand that I had to fill out a validation form for them to receive a sufficient amount of info for them to confirm me as the owner. I was only 9 years old when my grandpa helped me create the email account. I am now 20, & MSN somehow seems to expect me to remember pieces of the info used in order to sign up, such as who my favorite person from history was. There's 1 piece of info I remember from when I made that account besides my full name and my brith date, & that piece of info is the 1st password I used with that account & when I last changed it I know I changed it to something similar to the original. MSN won't give me access to my account for ONE email that I need for my Twitter login so I can DEACTIVATE my twitter account. Twitter won't do anything for me. I've been so polite & patient with both Microsoft & Twitter's customer support reps, and I've bent backwards to figure this stuff out. I have more details but they won't fit the 2000 character limit. So please respond with questions for me if you have any so I can give more details.


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  • You were irresponsible and didn't keep track of your passwords. Even at 15 I realized that these emails and passwords were piling up and records had to be kept to avoid falling victim to faulty memory.

    Some people lose limbs and even get killed over their mistakes. Yours only hurts you in SOME cases, and the problem isn't that uncommon.

    • Yes, but mine hurts me in a very IMPORTANT case. Don't bring "Some people get killed" into this, to make me feel selfish or to make me think it's not that big of a deal when it is.

    • Right. It's a "big deal " and you have to own it.

      That's what happens when you fuck up. To avoid facing the just consequences for your actions is selfish.

      You can try calling Twitter again. Lol.

  • Can you do an alternate method of geting into the twitter account without your email?

    • no, the only other option is to send a verification code to my cell phone number that was registered with those accounts, and I don't have the same phone number anymore. :/

  • I would just get a computer nerd friend to hack it


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