I no call, no showed to work. Will it count against me forever?

Lousy and immature of me, I no call no showed at a job I'd been at for 7 months for a big corporation with many locations across the US. I'm moving to another state and was wondering, if I gave it some time and reappiled to a new loaction, will they know I no call no showed? Is that something that stays in the system or would they have to call my old location to find that info out? Will I be able to get away with saying I've never worked there before? I deeply regret my mistake and would love to work at another location.


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  • Whether the no call shows at a different location depends on the business' structure, but they will know you've worked for them before. If you no-call, no-show at my place of work, you get fired, and that reflects on you for a long time.


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  • Sorry. You need to break this down for me.

    Had you been there before? Was this interview? What level were you? Type of company?

    • I stated above that I was with the company for 7 months. No call no showed, freaked out and thought I'd lost my job and never went in again. It's at Costco. I'm moving across the country and wondered if I could apply to a new location, would they know that I no call no showed?

    • Right so you had been actively employed for 7 months and going - the way you phrased it could have meant that you had been involved in the company for 7 months which doesn't always mean employment.

      Why didn't you tell the old place with your notice period? This reeks of poorly managed time.
      I would hope they wouldn't keep you on, after all, your mid 20s - 30s and don't even seem to be capable of giving notice/telling them about urgent changes. This just reeks of fear and stupid decisions.

      To be honest I think you have blown a future job and is you haven't you have doomed yourself to bottom of the rung.
      It will be kept on file.

      Good luck.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Yeah, you fucked up. Better come up with a good excuse.
    Future employers check references - with your former employers...

  • It depends on which corporation you;re working for. Some have them linked, others don't. If they interview you in the new state they may find out though. If possible, may I know which corporation you're referring to?

    • Costco.

    • Gotcha. While Costco seems to have a linked system, where corporate has all employee/location data for its locations in the US; chances are they might nit have the no call no show data and you should be able to apply at another location, you don;t have much to lose in my opinion anyway.

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