Is it creepy to contact a relative of someone you like though you did meet her at her birthday party?

Hey guys and girls,

There's a girl and I like her a lot, and I met some of her friends and relatives at a birthday party of her that I attended back in October.
I added some of them which I made nice contact with, including a niece of her.
We follow each other on Instagram and we sometimes send instant messages to each other, we had a nice chat then.

One time I wanted to add her on Facebook but she disabled the possibility of adding her for me, and we still follow each other on Instagram (we sometimes like each other's posts).

Since the girl that I like a lot was in a complicated situation, I asked her niece if she was all right.
She read it but did not respond. So I think that it's private business, though I was only concerned.

Later I discovered it was her birthday (her niece) that day that I contacted her, so I have sent her a Happy Birthday wish.

But isn't it creepy?


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  • Depends how well you hit it off at the party. You should try it though.


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