Has the situation of black people in America improved, stayed the same or gotten worse under President Obama's leadership?


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  • I'm not American but when I watch the news and I see white police officers shooting unarmed black teenagers and black neighborhoods peacefully protesting, only to be attacked by a police force that reminds you more of an occupational army than an actual police, I would claim not much has improved since the 1960s. You could put the news stories and news clips of those days side by side with the ones of today and you'd have pretty much the same thing. The only thing that has changed is that people nowadays are more politically correct, which means that racism has become more subtle. You can't run around in white bed sheets anymore and you can't exclude black people from public universities but the matter of the fact is that systemic racism in the US is so crazy it's hard to put it into words. And I would argue there are also still many white people who have prejudices and distrust towards black people.

    • Well said. It is sad that even today, the mindset has not changed.

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