Girls, do you believe in things like manspreading, mansplaining and manterrupting?

I've heard all these concepts lately and I'm curious if girls think they're a problem or even if they exist.


Manspreading - Men open up their legs on buses and take up too much space.

Mansplaining - Men giving condescionding explanations to women.

Manterrupting - Men interrupting women.


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  • Well, they all definitely happen, though I don' think it's to such a large degree that people say it is.

    • Do you think men do those things more than women?

    • Manspreading - Definitely. Women on public transport tend to sit themselves with closed body language (e. g. arms tucked close, legs together, angled away ), whereas a large number of men sit with their posture more slouched and their legs open. I understand that it may be more comfortable to do that slightly but the extent that their legs are open is kinda ridiculous and very inconsiderate to other passengers.

      Mansplaining - This has happened a lot too, in my personal experience. A lot of men have spoken to me or other women as if we were children who needed something explained bit by bit and, to be cliche, especially in terms of politics and pop culture.

      Manterrupting - This happens a lot too, and, in a different sense, men often interrupt conversations and make things about them. Like someone could be talking about something about women and you'll get loads of guys being like 'BUT WHAT ABOUT MEN?' And a lot ignore what women are saying, such as the cat-calling issue.