How, When and Where was the I love you?

How did you first tell your S/O you love them? When was it-how far into the relationship and where did you do it? Also who said it first? a lot of people have been telling me different things. I have been with my boyfriend for a short time but i want to tell him I love him. I take the word seriously as well as he does. Not sure if he would say it back yet, but my freind thinks he would. He thinks he loves me too.


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  • It hasn't happened for me yet, but whenever it does (hopefully it does someday) I hope it's as great as everyone says it is. I think it would be.

    But for your situation here, I personally think you should go for it. As long as you truly feel love for this guy, then I think it's fine. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Even if it is say 2 months? My freind said thats when he said it to his girlfriend. Im just nervous as I don't know if he will say it back yet. He takes this stuff serious as do I, but I really do. We have been doing everything quite fast, but I feel its right

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    • I am confident in telling him, and I dont know how much longer I can wait lol. Everytime I see him I just want to blurt it out, if that doesn't sound weird

    • That doesn't sound weird at all, it's actually kinda sweet. If that's the case, then I would suggest telling him. You can only wait for so long. As long as you truly feel what you feel in your heart, he should understand. If he feels the same, I know he'll say it back. :)

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  • I said it first. After waking up next to him in bed. ❤️

    • How far into the relationship? and did he say it back after you said it?

    • He did! I think it was like 3 months in.

  • Eh i never had to tell them. i never had a so.

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