Who's going to win Super Bowl 50?

I wanna know who you think will win the Super Bowl, even if you aren't a follower of Pro Football. Just give me your gut feeling!

  • Carolina Panthers
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  • Denver Broncos
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  • Panthers mother fuckers!

    • Hellz yeah! : D

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    • There was one moment near the he end of the first half when they made an excellent break and one pass could've gotten them a touchdown but he just ran over the side. Their heads just weren't there all game. They carved every team up all season and then didn't show up for the final

    • Well yeah, I guess NO big plays wasn't the right wording. Cam did try to run a lot, but he was just getting socked. It was mainly the receiving group not getting in the right place at the right time and making the big catches. Cam was off on some passes, but some were flawlessly done. I agree with what you said though, they just didn't look like their minds were in the game at all.

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  • Per a video I watched, i think it was the Broncos.

  • Denver better win because I bet my friend teriyaki over it. I think Cam Newton is going to be hard for them to contain, but I'm counting on their defense and experience.

    • As a Carolina fan, this is the exact thing I'm worried about with facing Denver. Their defense ate Tom Brady alive, so I hope we can protect our QB better for Cam's sake and for the sake of the game.

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