I have problem getting emotionally attached to people?

is it normal to have problems or even be unable to get emotionally attached to people? I can honestly say the only people i really care about is my familiy, and even them i have problems showing affection towards.

Even after ending with my best friend of 7 years i felt kinda indifferent about the situation and i dont feel like im missing anything in my life.

People in generel dont interest me too much, Im only interested in getting to know people to not be alone.. to have something to do.

I do want a boyfriend, but thinking about it i only want one of a lot of selfish reasons, and i almost only list all the things i want in a partner compared to what i feel like i can bring to the table myself.

I dont know why i am like this, and it does make me feel like im a bad person.


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  • And do you like the lifestyle you live?

    You and I share a fair few similarities especially the part about family. I can only speak from experience but it seems like you've built walls to protect yourself from getting hurt. Why wouldn't you/I? But that's the thing about living you've got to let people in. I've found that living like this is pretty lonely and as some would describe it as being "cold".

    • no, i dont.. i want to care an build meaningful and serious emotional relationship with people..

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  • you're not alone hun
    if I ever do have a girlfriend again its just for sex and for her too buy me shit, cause at this point I don't care about women

    plus I can't trust my family cause when it actually comes to what I want
    they don't help
    they want me too do what they want, go to school and college and I don't want any of that, I have my own dreams that im working on

    • well it sounds like you have decided to not care.. i want to care, but am just unable.. maybe i should get a guy to buy me stuff. hm...

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    • I know what you need, you need to find someone you care about a lot
      and have the person not give a damn about you

    • ehm.. im good

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