What can I do about this?

My boyfriends mom had a stroke last summer it's been making her act all different now. She use to be a fun person now it's getting old and annoying. We have a 3 year old son his mom is always trying to make what's best for him. Yesterday she was upset and worried because he was watching Phineas and Ferb his favorite cartoon she turned it off and won't let him watch it anymore because she thought it was too dangerous by the stuff they were building on there so she turned it to Family Guy instead and said that's better for him. She's never even seen Family Guy or any of these new cartoons so how does she know that she's 50 something years old for heaven's sake ! He kept trying to tell her that Family Guy is inappropriate for children under 13 but she didn't care. She just let him watch it. I told him he can watch Phineas again when she's not around. That's not a bad show. I love Phineas and Ferb it's the only reason why I watch Disney. To me it's the cutest cartoon ever. My boyfriend can't move out yet because he's only 17. As soon as he turns 18 were leaving. I can't stand it there anymore. I don't know if we're still gonna let his son go over there or not after we move out. Plus his mom always thinks something happens when it doesn't. Example last week she said she was gonna pick me and our son up from somewhere but we weren't there and she was gonna call child services on us because she thought I kidnapped my own kid. THAT NEVER HAPPENED ! We didn't go anywhere I don't even drive. My boyfriend has a car but I don't have my licensee I didn't want it. She thinks of stuff like this all the time. She even said she had a dream one night where she went in her son's room to check on him and he was gone. God she just drives me crazy. I hope she gets over this soon and gets back to normal. I'm not leaving my boyfriend or our kid. Every time we try to talk or explain stuff to her because she doesn't listen. What should I do about it?


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  • i have no idea, the only thing i know is that u need to make it shorter

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