Tell one surprising and unexpected historical fact you know?

Most people would balk if you told them that one of the last shootouts of the old west was on the ocean but it was, in the year 1896
In the seaside town of Skagway Alaska had attracted an old west crime boss and certain members of the town opposed him as he was basically trying to set himself up as a regional crime boss like He'd done in Denver.
Certain men opposed to this formed a group of vigilantes and it culminated in the Shootout on Juneau Wharf.
The vigilantes thankfully won, though they did lose men.
The only real gunfights of the old west that happened after would be butch cassidy and the sundance kids actions in bolivia.
They actually killed someone for the first time after trying to go straight, The movie didn't make that up, Butch Cassidy believed that god would forgive everything but killing in cold blood, When he was guarding mining company payroll he killed bandits and it nearly broke him.
But in 1896 one of the last gunfights of the old west happened on a wharf on the northern pacific ocean


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  • There is over $60 billion (approx) worth of sunken treasure in our worlds oceans.


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  • *-US ambassador April Glaspie gave Saddam the green light to attack Kuwait:
    *-France abolished slavery in 1492
    *-France (Napoleon) reinstituted slavery in 1802 (in it's colonies only)
    *-France finally abolished slavery in 1849
    *-Sevastopol (in Crimea was Russian before Texas , California and some other southern states were American.

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    • Johnny Cash Was The First American To Know About Stalin's Death
      That's right, the man in black, discovered that Soviet Union Premier, Joseph Stalin, died before US president Dwight Eisenhower even knew. He was working as a radio operator for the military at the time of Stalin's death and was the first person to receive the message.

    • Johnny Cash wasn't just a musical genuis.
      He was likely a real genuis.
      He was a damn good codebreaker.
      That department he worked for, got absorbed sort of into the department my dad worked for in the 1980s
      The U. S Air Force Electronic Warfare Division. My Dad worked with satellites, Missiles, and the internet, In the eighties. (Air Force Engineer. He has a masters in electrical engineering and a bachelors in mathematics)
      If the division Johnny Cash worked with got absorbed into that division, and Johnny spent his time breaking code.
      Chances are that country star was smarter than either of us.
      Thats weird, that fact above, about the one of the last gunfights of the old west being on the ocean, thats weird and surprising,
      European empires fighting wars all the damn time over Europe, thats just pre ww1 politics