Should I be creeped out?

So, I believe it's a freshman vs sophomore. And... I have Spanish with him. Everytime I'm sitting rowing doing warm up and I look up. I see him looking at me from the window while talking to his friends...

At lunch. After I grab my lunch I always catch him looking at me when I pass by.

Each time I find him looking at me he doesn't look away.


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  • Guy finds you attractive possibly. Likely has a crush on you but is too shy. No need to feel creeped out about being admired. =/

    • I don't find it normal that guys have a crush on me. I can't see their perceptive of what their seeing. I'm just me and I'm alright.

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  • That's kinda creepy

    • But is it? Don't most guys do this? Plus your a girl so of course you would say that. Generalize much?

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    • @Jon_Gre_g I don't pay attention when he looks at me I always give a serious face tough look and look ahead not looking at him. But... In Spanish, I caught him looking at me for 3seconds and I looked away then saw he's still looking at me and got up. And got up came next to his friend that sitting in front of me 😬

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Do you have any male friends that could confront this behavior of his? Honestly if he keeps harassing you you might just take this to your teacher.


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  • I don't think so. I mean maybe he want your lunch?

    • Not sure, if he did he would've talked. But we were partnered up for Spanish labs. Introducing all it happened until teacher changed partners 😂

    • ohhh hahhaha.