If a doctor did something wrong to you, would you ever go to his/her office and beat him/her up there by using his/her medical tools?

There's no worse punishment than dis... hahaha... like for example if it's a dentist... come in... put him/her on da dentist's chair and use those dentists tools on him/her as u see fit... hahahahaha... leave him/her toothless... hahaha...

Of course u shouldn't forget to lock da door... so nobody's gonna desturb u when u deal wid him/her... ;)


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  • I would just not go back. And avoid getting charged with assault and destruction of property.


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  • No, because I'm not psychotic.

    • Even if they fucked u up? Would u just sit and accept it?

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    • See, all I'm seeing in your replies is 'I'm an idiot and a really bad troll'.
      Try it. Go to prison. Then realise what committing assault gets you.

      And when you start spelling and using the English language correctly, I won't make snide comments on it. And, by the way, that's not the correct use of the word 'ironic'.

    • I can accept everything... even if u wished me to die I'll accept it... but I won't accept being called a "troll"... BLOCKED.

  • Fucking troll... lmao.. who the fuck would do this?

  • No, who the hell would do that...

    • It's called revenge...

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