How can I stop being innocent?

I've always been told how I look and behave innocent even if I don't intentionally mean to. I feel like with people having this idea of me, I'm limited to certain opportunities in life. I want people my age to treat me like anyone my age, but they seem to be cautious about going drinking/partying or even swearing around me even though I'm not a kid. I'm not a judgmental person, and I like trying new things. I've drank, but not often so I tend to get drunk by the first drink. I'm just not the type of person who enjoys drinking, but when it's special occasions, I may drink a bit just to bond with others. And sexually speaking, let's just say I don't have a sex life


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  • Why u wanna stop it?

    • I want people to feel comfortable being themselves around me. With them percieving me a certain way, they tend to hold back on talking about things like sex or relationships or doing certain things

    • U happy this situation?
      I think you should be yourself, just important this. Not anythink.

  • You can't really stop. I mean, it depends on what you think defines innocence

    • I've just always been referred as innocent. I don't really ask people why they think that

    • Again, just depends on what you think is innocence

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