Opinions on a difficult situation?

When I was at school today I noticed that I dodn't have my lunch so i decided to text my mom and ask if she could bring it to me but my teacher caught me and gave me a Saturday school on feb 20 but the problem with that is I have a varsity baseball game on that day at 11:00 am but coach wants us their at 9:30 bc it's a home game and detintion gets out at 11:30 and telling coach that i am going to miss the first half of a varisty game because of a detiontion will not be a good thing to do. So how do I serve the Saturday without my coach getting mad at me? The way i see it i have 2 choices

Choice 1:come clean and tell him

Choice 2: lie and say im sick and im so sick that i can't go and then go through the back entrence and serve the detiontion and then text my coach that i fell better and that i will make practice on Monday (detintion on saturday)

pick either choice 1 or 2 or other and write what the other choice is in the comments

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What Girls Said 2

  • I really don't think lying would be a good idea. I would say just talk to ur teacher & your coach, so u can possibly workout another day to do the detention. Let ur teacher know why u can't miss the game. Maybe u can stay after school on Friday instead or something. Maybe do detention after the game, I don't know.

  • Choice 1. If he works for the school, which I'm assuming he does to coach high school sports, he already knows. Come clean sooner rather than later and you won't be punished as harshly


What Guys Said 1

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