Have you ever met someone and wondered what are their thoughts?

It could be a friend or a new family member you just met for the first time. Who ever comes to your mind lets just say it like that. Sometimes I wonder if I could read someones thoughts how cool would it be but scary at the same time. What about if they act like they like you but while reading their thoughts you realize they hate you. What about if they think there better then you? Just like the pic I put up them saying that. If you could have that ability would you want it? Explain why or why not?

Have you ever met someone and wondered what are their thoughts?


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  • all the world is a stage and we are merely players. almost everyone has the ability to see threw the act to a certain point, some are more in tune with it more than others are. i for one can read certain people pretty well others i can not. the ones i dont get a clear picture of i avoid. just like the person you describe, i would probably avoid do to a fuzzy picture i would get from them.
    as would i want a gift you describe in some ways i feel i have it. when i was young and didn't understand it i didn't want it now i understand it i would be lost with out it.
    as for life with it , its a lonely one because you dont let many people in to your world.

    • I can totally relate to you I believe I can read people pretty well too. So it can be hard at times because you can't lie to yourself because what you feel about the person is mainly true.

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  • It would be an interesting power to have. I think I'd like it, but hate it, too. All the negative thoughts may overwhelm, depress, or frustrate me, especially if I couldn't do anything to help those people out.


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