What can I do? Is it too much?

I'm in love with someone that has severe depression. I message him everyday telling him he is amazing and and wonderful and a bunch of other true stuff. I also call him once a day and try to talk to him, most of the time he forwards my calls and texts me saying how he doesn't deserve to hear my voice. I send him random little gifts and it makes his day better for a bit. I'm out of state for 2 months, so I'm not there in person for him. We have known each other for 15 years. Am I doing to much and bugging him? Or is it good and not a bother? I just want him to realize that there is someone that loves him and will do anything for him.


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  • It may not be true, but As far as he knows, you are only being so kind and saying these things because he is depressed.

    A better way to build him up is to use him and give him value.

    If he's good with cars, get him to change your oil, things like that

    • That's possible, and thank you for the help. I wish depression didn't get so deep. I had depression for a while, but his is way more than mine.

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  • I can't imagine anyone thinking that is too much, unless he doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him. You could always ask his opinion on it.

    If a guy did all of the above for me i would hold onto him. It's nice to know someone loves you and cares about you. We all need love and affection. I thrive on it. I would love someone to show me how much they think about me and care for me.

    If he suffers from depression then i am sure he will appreciate the effort you make to show him how much you love him. It'll give him comfort, especially considering you are genuine about how you feel about him. He'll know it all comes from the bottom of a sincere heart. :)


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