Is life truly what we make it?

Have you ever heard of the secret book? If you have read it, a lot of the things said in the book is that the way your life is, is because of how you think, etc...
Do you believe that you truly have the power to make everything right in your life?
for example, relationships... If it's not going right, if you love that person a lot and only want to be with them, do u think u have the power to make it work?

Im just curious to what others think...

Please, share your thoughts!!


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  • I never read the secret book, nor do I care to.

    But yes, I do believe a large portion of your life is surprisingly within your control, IF you are willing to do MORE than just THINK, you have to DO. That's the part that people usually get stuck at.

    Now obviously, there's plenty in our life that we can't change, like if some crazed nut with a gun comes up to us and decides to shoot us simply because he's had a bad day.

    But yes, I do believe humans have an amazing power to control their lives, but it's only a select rare few who have the strength to ever reach out and grasp that power.

    • Ok, this may seem weird but if ur in a relationship and everything seems to go wrong and one day you're like no, I want this relationship to work. I don't care what it takes, do u think it can?

    • Depends what the other person wants. Since a relationship is two people. But you also have to look at honestly why you want that relationship to work. Is that person really good for you or is it their potential. You have to see it how it really is. And relationships point our your flaws and weaknesses really quick and often times when you fix them relationship breaks. Then the next person comes. If you have an interest in this stuff like life is what you make it. Look up Inside quest. And watch the following video its 8 mins long. It will really make you think haha.

    • I'm gonna watch the video. Thanks! But to answer ur question, I don't think it's how he treats me because at times he can treat me very well. But I do think it's his potential. I think he can be a lot better with the right person pushing him in the right direction. He's used to being around very negative people so his life consists of a lot of negativity. But I see the positive and I know he can live a better life.

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