How can I convince girlFRIEND to go to party?

Ok so here's the story she said that I said to late for the party and she's already in another city with a car. That's like only 1 hour away from her home, she also said that she's no prepared dressed and I said you can go back dress and come back, but she kept winning like that I need to tell her before, but I just got latest tickets somehow.

How can I convince her to go to the party because I get this latest card from some girl and I already agreed with her, but that friend is bitching how she can't go because she's 1 hour away from home to dress and come back.

anyone? It's urgent


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  • Why would someone drive an hour to go change to drive back. I sure as hell wouldn't do it. Why not just go without her.

    • meh then I would go alone :/ I'm not that into partying but 1 hour it's actually half an hour driving is not hard at all!

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    • Oh tell her to go buy new clothes where you are.

    • wtf are you talking?

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