What are you going to do for Valentines day?

What are you going to do or give your partner this year?

I'm just wondering lol.


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  • my boyfriend and I are long distance so we are meeting in a city between us. Gonna go to dinner.
    As for gifts, I got him 2 things that go together based off his interests. And I also got a garter belt and thigh high stockings as a surprise :p but that's a secret haha

    • We got a hotel. Staying with each other for the weekend.

    • That's a good idea for the high stockings and hotel, that will make Valentine's day more exciting for a male lol.

      What did you get your BF? I won't tell him lol.

    • he lurks on here from time to time lol
      I've said too much!

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  • I don't know yet

  • A shackerrr