I lost my self respect?

Hello everyone, I always hesitated to ask this question but, here it is now, I'm not ashamed anymore.
Three years ago, when I was at first grade in high school, I had a crush who was very important to me, to be more clear, I was OBSESSED with him. I was desperately in love with him. He was not popular or something but he was very egoistic though he had no good looks or something. I never understood the reason of it. And at second grade of high school I decided to tell him and I did through our mutual friend. He didn't even respond it was so obvious he never loved or liked me. Then I changed my school. And a year later, after he found out I loved him, I texted him if we were talking as friends and he said that we were. After couple of weeks after that I texted him again about how he was doing and he didn't respond. And then five months after that, I texted him again. And told him everything. Like how desperate I was and all those messages, and how I needed him but I never asked for an answer and stuff also wished him a happy birthday. It was 6 months ago. Of course he didn't respond me. Now I feel ashamed of what I did to him and to myself. I truly lost my self respect and whenever I think about it, I'm getting more and more ashamed. Cause it looks extremely desperate and stupid now (though I still love him) Were the things I've done so desperate? I feel like I don't even deserve to live anymore. And I do not know if someone like me even deserves respect. I feel like a loser. How can I gain my self respect again?


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  • We've all said stupid, cringey shit when we were younger, no need to bash yourself over it. You'll forget about this as time passes. As for now delete his number from your phone so you don't do something like that again and also because it'll remind you of the text you sent him.


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