Will she think I'm weird for saying I want her babies?

There's this girl I've never talked to but she's in my math class and I try not to look at her but I end up looking at her almost everyday. I think she's seen me too. But at lunch today I was with my friends and I didn't know she was near us and I said oh yeah natalie I want her babies. And then I saw her and I pretended like I didn't see her. Will she think I'm weird?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, depends on her personality, her sense of humor.

    If she's the kind of girl who doesn't take things too seriously and can appreciate a joke, I don't think it would bother her too much. I mean, any sane person would understand that you don't want her babies right now, right? If you do then, well, that's another story...

    But if she's the type of person who can't take a joke, takes things too literally, she might be creeped out overhearing such a comment.

    One thing is clear, she probably got the hint that you like her at least to some extent. If she likes you too, it's possible she secretly enjoyed hearing that, because it shows some sort of interest.

    Hard to tell, but best of luck, hun.


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  • Uh yeah... If you said that to me I'd think it was weird too... Let's slow down there boy.


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  • Well, I am pretty sure she will keep her legs closed around you. You might need to elaborate that for her. I understand it can be used as an expression, but some people take it and say it on a literal sense.

  • Well you said "I want her babies " she may think that sounds weird and think nothing of it. But if you said " I want her to have my babies " that is just creepy. It all depends on how you said even though they mean the same thing

    • Isn't it the same thing?

  • I'd think B lol

  • It depends on her sense of humor. She'll either find it funny, or be creeped out.


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